Dutch people like biking a lot. Mostly we use it for transportation, such as the daily commute to work or school and for trips to the supermarket. Basically everyone has a bike: according to the latest estimates, there are 22,8 million bikes in the Netherlands. That is 1.3 bikes per person!

Especially in cities, there are often more bikes than cars on the street. To keep cyclists safe, we have a lot of infrastructure. Over 4,700 km of Dutch roads have cycling lanes and there is 37,000 km of dedicated cycling path. Moreover, legally, in any accident with a car and a cyclist or pedestrian, the car driver is liable by default. This means that car drivers are very careful around vulnerable traffic participants.

All these bikes have to be stored somewhere. Because of that, train stations all have big bicycle storages. The largest bicycle storage in the world is next to Utrecht central station. It has three floors and 12,500 spots. Despite that it can still be hard to find a spot.

Source first picture: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Amsterdam_(27696134697).jpg

By Marieke