Who likes to play cards? I do! I love all kinds of card games, but also board games and computer games. So I would like to tell you about my favorite Dutch card game, it’s called Klaverjassen. When you’re stuck at home with 3 other people, you can play it, but it’s also possible to play online, so don’t worry about the number of people in your household. 

So, as I said, Klaverjassen is my favorite card game and that’s for a few reasons. In this game, you don’t play alone, but you play 2 against 2, which makes it extra nice. I learned the game from my first boyfriend and we used to play together, beating the rest of his family 😉 

The game is about collecting points by taking tricks and through bonus points during the game. After 16 rounds, the point total decides who wins. 

You don’t play this game with a full deck of cards, only the cards 7 and up are used, but not in the normal order. There are two orders to remember (from high to low):

Normal order: Ace – 10 – King – Queen – Jack – 9 – 8 – 7

Trump order: Jack – 9 – Ace – 10 – King – Queen – 8 – 7

Weird order, isn’t it? Most people start playing the game with a little note telling the order, otherwise you might forget. 

The two players of a team sit opposite each other. Each round, everybody gets 8 card. A trump is decided randomly, by turning the top card of a second deck of cards. Then the player sitting left of the dealer is given the choice: bet that her team can collect at least half of the total points available or pass (you are not allowed to communicate with your partner before choosing!). If she passes, the same choice is given to the player on her left. If you say your team can collect at least half of the points, you have to prove it by playing the game. If your team succeeds, the collected points are rewarded to you. But beware, if you don’t succeed, the other team gets all the points! 

Does it sound like fun? Take a look here at the complete rules and then try to play a game: https://www.pagat.com/jass/klaverjassen.html.

By Marieke