Today was the last day of EGMO 2020, at 14:00 UTC, the closing ceremony was held. During this ceremony, the organising committee gave closing speeches. The Dutch minister of education gave a speech as well, in which she encouraged all participants to continue developing their talent. Finally, our supporter ING congratulated everyone on their contest results.

And then, the moment we all waited for: the announcements of the thresholds for the medals! 

  • Everybody with 26 points or more is awarded a gold medal!
  • Everybody with 18 points or more is awarded a silver medal!
  • Everybody with 11 points or more is awarded a bronze medal!
  • Everybody who solved a problem is awarded an honourable mention! 

Congratulations to all!

Since we could not include all winners in this closing ceremony, we will make another video, in which we congratulate all winners! Moreover, this video will contain an impression of the whole week. So, make sure to watch that one as well, it will be published on Sunday. 

Next year, the EGMO will be in Georgia. We hope you all enjoyed the EGMO 2020! Thank you all for being part of it! 

Did you miss the closing ceremony? Don’t worry, you can still watch it here.

By Marieke