In all countries the participants have sat the first contest paper. They thought for 4,5 hours about the first three problems of the contest. In some countries, such as Australia, even the second paper has already been finished! 

In the meantime, grading of the solutions to the first exam has started.

Most participants make the contest at home, asking all others in the house not to disturb them. In some countries, such as Azerbaijan, the team will come together to take the test. A number of participants have shared photos of their work space on Instagram, thanks for sharing!

In the meantime, there are several activities to join. First of all, the EGMO nail art. Some of you made real pieces of art! You can find all the contributions on Instagram, and you can still share your own nail art with us. 

Beside the main contest, we have a small cube mosaic contest where you can design your own Rubik‚Äôs cube mosaic. So you can show your creativity in this way as well. 

Moreover, there are jigsaw puzzles that can be made jointly. Already four puzzles have been solved!

Today, you made an EGMO playlist together where everybody could add her favorite song. So far, there are more than 20 songs, more than an hour in total!

Good luck to those who still have to do the second paper! And enjoy the activities!

By Marieke