Anett: My name is Anett and I am from Hungary. This is my third EGMO. I am 18 years old and I live in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. I am very sad that we can’t go to the Netherlands because I have never been there before and it would have been a great chance to visit the country!

Mireia: It really is a pity! We are having gorgeous weather so it would have been beautiful for the excursions and activities we had planned originally…

Janka: We are planning to go there once this situation is over! I am Janka and I am 17 years old. I am from Hungary and I am not from Budapest but now, during the EGMO, I live here with Anett because we write the exams at the same time in a school. I was at the EGMO last year too, it was good!

Nóra: My name is Nóra, I am 17 years old and I am from Hungary too, what a surprise! (Laughs.) I live near the capital, Budapest, and I go to school there. This is my first EGMO, so I am a bit sad that we couldn’t travel and have to write the exams at home, but that’s better than nothing.

M: That’s the attitude! So girls, what have you done as part of the EGMO so far? Did you participate in any of the activities yet or have you been mostly focused on the exams?

A: We saw the Opening Ceremony. We did a call so that we could kind of watch it together, and it was fun.

J: We painted our nails! But we have not posted pictures of them yet.

A: And because we (Anett and Janka) live together now, we did a little walk to an island in Budapest today after the first exam and we just relaxed a bit. The weather is very nice here too.

M: Very good! It’s important to relax after the exams. And what about you, Nóra? Did you paint your nails too?

N: Not really, no, I am not really a fan of painting my nails. After the exam I spent the afternoon at home, went outside in the garden and relaxed a bit, nothing interesting.

M: Well, that’s what other contestants I have talked to also recommend: after the exam, relax, disconnect…

A: Don’t think about the math at all! (Laughs.)

J: Maybe eat some ice cream! (Laughs.) That can help.

M: Anett and Janka, you both have been in the EGMO before. Are you still friends with girls from previous years? Are you in touch with them this time?

A: So I think we don’t know many participants from this year, but last year we spent a lot of time with the Ukrainian team because we knew a girl from the team. Besides, the EGMO was in Ukraine last year so that was nice because they could show us around the city.

J: But this year we only know a girl from the UK. We know her from a winter mathcamp that the UK team and the Hungarian team do together, but we haven’t talked to her yet during this EGMO.

M: Well, it makes sense that you are focused and concentrating on the exams now. Once these are over you will have plenty of time to enjoy everything else that the EGMO has to offer this year. Thank you very much for finding a moment to do this interview! Do you have any message for the rest of the girls?

A: Not really… Just thank you for organising this virtual EGMO!

M: Well, thank you a lot! The organisers definitely appreciate your kind words, because it has been hard work organising this virtual EGMO. So thanks! Have a nice evening, relax, and best of luck for tomorrow!

All: Thank you!

By Mireia