Ida: My name is Ida. I’m from Croatia. I’ve never participated in the EGMO, because Croatia has never participated before. I’m sad about it because if it had participated before, maybe I would have had more chances to go to the EGMO. I am really liking it and I think it would be even better if I was there in the Netherlands.

Nika: I am Nika, I am also from Croatia. I have also never participated in the EGMO and I’m also a bit sad because it was my last chance. The three of us here are seniors… Emma (the fourth member of the team, not present in the interview) has another year, but for the rest this was the last chance. So I really like that the organizers still tried to do something, and I really like the community: I got in touch with some other girls, but also it would be 10 times better if it were in the Netherlands!

Petra: I’m Petra and I’m from Split, the most beautiful place in the whole world. (Laughs.) This is my first and last EGMO, and I don’t think that I could have participated, even if Croatia had participated earlier, because I don’t think that I am very good at math compared to other girls in Croatia. I think I got here by luck… but I studied hard now to prepare. And I, uh, didn’t solve much, but I’m glad I was able to participate even in a virtual EGMO. It was a really nice experience.

Mireia: Trust me: don’t doubt yourself. If you made it this far, it’s not only a matter of luck. There is a reason why you made it into the Croatian team.

P: Thank you!

M: You’re welcome! So, talking about the exam, now that it’s officially possible to talk about the problems, what did you think about them?

P: I think they were very interesting but also kind of hard. I mean, the third problem seemed so familiar but I still like couldn’t solve it. It felt like a problem for sixth grade, but it was really hard although it was so simply written…

M: Yeah, sometimes the problems that look simple are the trickiest! Well now when the forum is open you can discuss with the other girls and see what everyone tried. What about the rest?

N: I really liked the fifth problem, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to solve it. The rest, it wasn’t my cup of tea. I mean, I like geometry and combinatorics the most, and number theory and algebra… not that much. (Laughs.) But the exams were mostly algebra and number theory.

I: I also found the problems interesting, but also very difficult. I think this year was more difficult than some previous years that I worked on to practice, but I had fun trying to solve this year’s problems.

M: I’m glad to hear that. So do you have plans of maybe meeting together once it’s allowed again or doing the little team trip after this entire situation is over?

N: We did talk about it a bit a while we were preparing for the EGMO but back then there wasn’t the coronavirus yet. But I would really like to meet up again.

I: Yeah, me too.

M: And now that the exams are over, do you have plans for the rest of the EGMO? Are you planning on participating in more activities, or do you just need to take a break?

N: Yeah I will. I would like to do that inside out cube. I printed it out but I was busy stressing about the exam, so I didn’t do it yet, but now I will.

I: I would like to complete the bingo. I think it’s really interesting, so I’ll try.

M: Yeah, it’s a good excuse to talk to the other girls.

P: Yeah, for me the bingo also sounds great, as well as the cube mosaic. I looked at it right before the interview and I will continue it later.

M: Well, girls, I think that’s all I wanted to ask today, thank you very much. Before we finish, is there something you would like to say to the other girls?

P: I want to say that even if we are not in the Netherlands and we are not together, we can still talk to each other and try to connect through the internet and feel like we are together.

N: (Makes a heart shape with her hands.)

M: Beautiful, exactly! Girls, I wish you the best of luck with the results and that you will enjoy the last couple of days of the EGMO.

All: Thank you! Bye!

By Mireia