Magdaléna: Hi! I’m Magda and I’m 18 years old. This is my third EGMO.

Mireia: Your third EGMO, congratulation! Now that the exams are over, how did it go? How did you feel? 

Ma: Pretty well! I think I was quite fortunate this time, because I solved the second problem just 20 minutes before the end, so that was a piece of luck. And I really don’t like the sixth problem because I saw the first two problems quite quickly, they were just okay, and then I spent the whole time on this problem and I was unsuccessful. So I’m not fond of this one.

Mi: Have you had a look at the solutions yet? 

Ma: Yes, I had a look, and well… the first one was quite random and in the second one there were so many numbers! I’m just really bad at subtracting, adding, multiplying, so number two is just not a thing for me. 

Mi: Well, but you manage to solve a bunch of problems, right? 

Ma: Yeah. 

Mi: So that’s great! And you’ve been to two other EGMOs before. How do you feel about this entire experience, now that the week is coming to an end?

Ma: Well, I think it’s great that EGMO takes place. It was great to speak with my team, and it was great to take the exams. Unhappily, I didn’t manage to do many online activities because, you know, life didn’t stop. So, I need to do a lot of work and afterwards I’m tired of sitting at the computer. 

Mi: I understand. But tomorrow there’s the closing ceremony for the EGMO and the giving out of the medals. Do you plan on watching that? 

Ma: Yes, I plan to watch it, but I haven’t made any special plans yet.

Mi: Very good. Before we finish, is there something that you would like to say to the rest of the girls? 

Ma: I want to say that, remember, even when you didn’t make the exams well, just have fun and enjoy!

Mi: Good advice! Thank you very much, Magda.

By Mireia